Cereal Killer – unintended consequences of the low fat diet




Now its the 2015 Dietary Guidelines that need to be revised or gutted!

In this fast-reading 144 page book, Alan Watson sheds new light on how corporate greed and slippery science are making our children sick – promoting what the late Dr. Robert C. Atkins called “diabesity.”

Cereal Killer is an indictment of “Big Food” industries who enjoy huge profits as Americans of all ages suffer from failed grain-emphasized Dietary Guidelines and record levels of chronic disease.

Cereal Killer answers the question, “Has low fat failed the test of time?”

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Table of Contents

Part I — Succinct critical history of low fat era

Chapter 1:  Pyramid Schemes

Chapter 2:  Lessons of Framingham

Chapter 3:  Unintended Consequences

Chapter 4:  Cereal Killer

Chapter 5:  Class of 2018.

Part II — Life in the fat lane

Chapter 6:  “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

Chapter 7:  Atkins… without Atkins

Chapter 8:  Cholesterol is not a Medical Criminal!

Chapter 9:  Lipids for Smart People

Chapter 10:  Praise the Lard

  • Appendix I:  Lipid Panel – Summary of coronary heart disease risk factors

  • Appendix 2:  Lipids – The Big Picture with glossary

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Midwest Book Review

“Cereal Killer is a look at the plague of diabetes and obesity that is becoming a huge problem among all age groups of children…. Watson discusses remedies to America’s epidemic as well as speaking of its origins. “Cereal Killer” is well worth the read for those concerned with the health of a nation.

Writer’s Digest – 17th Annual Self-Published Book Awards

Cereal Killer is really well done – the scholarship is outstanding, the organization is impeccable, and what Watson has to say is alarming and “explosive” as the back jacket promises. Additionally, this book comes at an ideal time in our history, when parents, educators and government officials are scrambling for new answers to old persistent problems…”


Joan Grinzi, RN, Executive Director, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

“It is with great pride that we help promote this important and excellent book.”